What is a valid Caller ID?

What can or can't I use as a Valid Caller ID for my SIP products?

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in association with the Communications Alliance has developed a new effort to reduce spam calls in Australia.

The code is available for your review here: https://www.commsalliance.com.au/Documents/all/codes/c661

The new effort to reduce spam calls in this code enforces stricter policies with regards to outbound caller ID configuration. Please read the below to ensure your configuration aligns with the new code.

Within VoIPNow you have the ability to set any Caller ID you'd like and our system will accept it, however our carriers may not accept the Caller ID which can result in it being set to Anonymous or the call will just be dropped.

There are some restrictions around what is a valid Caller ID which are imposed by ACMA in association with the Communications Alliance in Australia.

Below are some examples of an invalid Caller ID:

  • Any call with the outgoing Caller ID starting with 13, 18 or 19

  • Any call with Alphanumeric characters (including "Anonymous") in the Caller ID if a valid Caller ID is not provided in the "P-Asserted-Identity" header

  • Any domestic numbers that are not genuinely allocated to that customer (Not owned by the partner or end customer)

  • Any call having an invalid or incomplete number format (Missing digits or too many digits)

  • Any calls with dummy CLIs, including the use of usernames as the CLI

As a general rule of thumb, as long as the end-customer can provide proof of ownership over the DIDs or they exist on our VoIP Platforms then you can use it as the outgoing Caller ID.

If it is found you are using a DID as the outgoing Caller ID and you don't own it fines may be enforced by ACMA or other authorities.

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