WAN Diagnostic Tool

The Hosted Network WAN Diagnostic Tool is useful for troubleshooting both on-net and off-net WAN services.

The WAN Diagnostic Tool can be downloaded from http://www.hostednetwork.com.au/downloads/speedtest.zip


The WAN Diagnostic Tool runs tests on:

  • Ping Test (speedtest.mhn.cloud and user provided server)

  • Traceroute (speedtest.mhn.cloud and user provided server)

  • MTU size test (speedtest.mhn.cloud and user provided server)

  • Speed Test (speedtest.mhn.cloud)

The tool will create a log file with the timestamp in the name (e.g. "log_Fri 14-09-2018@15-24-13.59") which will be placed in the same location as where the script is run from.

NOTE: This log file will also contain the WAN IP Address of the Internet Connection which is used for verification purposes.

How to use the tool

The tool is a simple batch file that should run successfully on any PC, but may require Administrative access depending on the security configuration for the client PC.

We have updated the tool to require less user input, making it easier for you to leave it on the customers desktop to allow them to run it as soon as they are encountering any Internet speed/connectivity issues.

All you will need to do to run the tool is:

Step 1. Download the "Speedtest.zip" file from the link at the top of this page, extract it to any location (Ideally the desktop to make it easy to find again in future)

Step 2. Run the "Speedtest.bat" file, this should open a blue window showing what tests it is currently running. Once it completes the window will change to Green.

Step 3. In the folder you ran the Speedtest.bat file from should be a log file, simply reply to the ticket you opened with us with that log file attached (If you haven't logged a ticket as yet, you can still send it to support@hostednetwork.com.au along with an explanation of the issue)

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