How to do a context jump based on the incoming Called DID

This article covers how to use the "Jump to Context" action within an IVR to route calls based on the number the Caller dialled.


This allows you to have a different call route depending on the incoming number which is particularly useful for when multiple companies are using the same VoIP system.

  • The Jump to Context option is only useful for VoIP systems that have two or more incoming DID's.

  • This guide assumes that you have already created an IVR or know how to create one.

Configuration Steps

To setup the "Jump to Context" action follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Navigate to your IVR and select the "Start" option

i. It is HIGHLY recommended to setup the rule on an "Entry Context" as it may not work on a "Sub-Context"

Step 2 - Once in the "Start" option select the action "Jump to Context" from the actions dropdown menu

Step 3 - In the "Action Details" field, configure the variables for the jump to context as per below

i. Jump to context X - Select the Context menu you would like the call to be moved to and the option on that context menu you would like it to start at

ii. If Variable X equal to X - In the first field you will want to enter "CALLEDDID" as this is the variable the system loads the number that the caller dialled into, and in the second field you want to enter the number you want the rule to apply to

Step 4 - Press on "Ok" to save the setting and then press "Regerate IVR" to make the new settings go live.

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