Getting a breakdown on the resources for an Organization

This page covers off a high-level overview of how to get a breakdown of the DIDs, Extension Types and CDR for any given organization. Some parts of this guide only apply to specific services

On occasion you may want to get a breakdown of the types of Extensions, DIDs and their assignments as well as the CDR for a customers VoIP system. You can get all of this information from the VoIPNow management portal.

Below is a guide on getting each type of resource breakdown.

You will need your VoIPNow management login for all the guides below, if you don't know your login details please contact Hosted Network support on 1300-781-148 or email

Extension Type & Quantity

To get the number of extensions in use within an organization as well as what type of extension is in use you will need to first login to the VoIPNow portal using your management portal login details at

Wholesale VoIP Service-Provider

Click into the VoIP organization that you would like to get the resource breakdown for and then click on "Report" under the "Quick Links" section of the page that loads up. On the page that appears you can see the "Accounts Overview" along the right side, this has the breakdown of the extensions and their type (also whether they're disabled/suspended).

Any extension that is not a "Phone Terminal" is considered an advanced extension and comes with a higher cost.

VoIP Bundles

Once logged into the VoIPNow portal as the VoIP Bundle management account click on "Call Reports" on the left, this will bring up a new page with the "Accounts Overview" on the right side of the page. This is the breakdown of the types of extensions and quantities for your VoIP Organization.

Any extension that is not a "Phone Terminal" is considered an advanced extension and comes with a higher cost.

Getting the Organization CDR & Call Costs

To get the accurate CDR and correct call costs the best practice is to impersonate the VoIP Organization and view the CDR under their account (if you're managing a VoIP Bundle this isn't needed).

The reason for this is going to the CDR under your Service Provider account will display the call cost at the cost HN charges to the partner, it doesn't include the margin you've added to the charging plan. As well as the CDR under the Service Provider includes everything from all Organizations within your Service provider account.

To impersonate simply click into the VoIP Organization and then click "impersonate" at the top of the page to the right of the Organization name.

Once you've impersonated the Organization you can then click on "Call Reports" on the left side of the page, then click "Call Reports" again on the next page.

You should now see all the calls inbound/outbound for the VoIP Organization for that month. The month can be changed via the dropdown just above the table showing the CDR

When exporting the CDR it is best to change the "Export Columns" to only the below options as it will give you a more concise CDR export.

  • Call Type

  • To Number

  • From Number

  • Call Initiated

  • Call Duration

  • Call Cost

  • Called DID

  • CallerID

Getting the breakdown of DIDs and where they are assigned in a VoIP Organization

Through the VoIPNow portal first click into the VoIP Organization and impersonate it (If you're managing a VoIP Bundle this isn't necessary).

Once you've impersonated the account click on "Unified Communications" on the left and then click on the "Public Phone Numbers" option to bring up a list of all the DIDs within that organization and where they are assigned.

From this table you can see where the DIDs are assigned and click into the extension it is assigned to, you can also move them to a new extension/user by ticking the box to the right of the number and then click "Assign to Entity".

You can also export this list by clicking on "Export to Excel" above the table to the right to make it easier to manipulate.

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