How does Call Parking work on VoIPNow?

What is Call Parking?

Call parking is a method in which callers are put into a unique position within the PBX/Phone System which allows it to be picked up on any other phone attached to the phone system (In our case any other phone within the Organisation).

You can think of it as a reserved parking spot in a lot which has parking spaces numbered 1 ~ 100.

Typically you find this function used most commonly in retail and hardware businesses, but any type of business can make use of the function.

Call Parking and VoIPNow

Call Parking in VoIPNow works slightly differently to your traditional PBX system in a sense that the "Monitored Call Park" button isn't able to park a call, but parking a call is quite easy in VoIPNow via the "#2" key code.

When a call is parked using the "#2" key it puts it into the first available parking lot, so if a call is already parked in parking lot "1" then it will put the next parked call in parking lot "2".

Most devices support the button type "Monitored Call Park" which allows for a button to appear on the phone that shows what the status of a parking lot is. It goes "GREEN" if its empty/available or it goes "RED" if a call is parked there.

The value needed for the "Monitored Call Park" button to work is "*xxxx*2y"

a. The "xxxx" = the organisation ID of the VoIP Organisation. You can find this on the Extension details page for every extension under a VoIP organisation, it is the first for digits of the SIP Username (xxxx*xxx)

b. The "y" value is the parking lot position, so for parking lot 1 it would be "*xxxx*21" and parking lot 2 "*xxxx*22", etc.

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