How to give end customer an access to VOIPnow to view/manage the CDR and Call recordings

This article covers how to give end customers an access to VOIPnow to view/manage the CDR and call recordings

Important Notes

Giving a customer access to the VoIPNow portal to view call reports and manage call recordings does give them access to certain other functions (e.g. control over incoming call rules) so you want to be careful who you give the access to.


In order to give customers access to manage the Call Reports and Call Recordings of the whole organization you need to create a new user and set their role to "Administrator" so that they can view/manage the Call Reports and Call Recordings.

To complete the steps below you will need your management credentials for the Organization (or Wholesale Service Provider if it is a org under your Wholesale Account), these credentials were sent to you in the completion advice.

If you aren't sure what your login is please reach out to our support team to have them reset.

Step 1. Login VoIPNow using your management credentials - LINK

Step 2. Create a new user and fill in the fields marked as required, during the creation change the "Role" dropdown to "Administrator" (this gives them the access to see the Organization-level call reports and recordings)

Make sure to note down the username and password set during the creation as the customer will need this to login.

Step 3. Once the user is created you will be redirected to the page below, by default the "Permissions" are all enabled. We suggest disabling all the permissions at the top of the screenshot to restrict them as much as possible and avoid potential issues.

Once you have finished changing everything on that page click "OK" at the bottom to finish the creation of the user account.

Now that the user is created you can login to VoIPNow with them and access the Call Reports for the whole organization, as well as view and download the call recordings of specific extensions if it is enabled.

NOTE: Even though all the parameters under the "Permissions" section of the user creation were disabled they do still have access to view/change the settings in the screenshots below

User Management

Extension Management

Modify Extension Settings / Call Routing

If you encounter any issues with this guide please reach out to our support team at or via phone at 1300-781-148

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