Charging Plans

This guide shows you how to configure your profit margins for CTS (Call Termination Services) and Inbound Number System (INS) services.

Charging Plan Overview

In order to ensure your Rebilling configured within the Partner Portal is providing the correct value you will need to configure the Charging Plans to add additional margin onto the outgoing calls for CTS (Call Termination Services) and inbound calls for Inbound Number System (INS).

This guide is specifically for CTS (Call Termination Services) and Inbound Number System (INS) for VoIPNow Charging plans see Configuring Charging Plans to add margin to outbound calls.

Configuration Steps

Modifications to the Charging Plans will not update invoices that were previously generated automatically. Only the invoices generated after implementing the changes mentioned in this article will reflect the new rates.

If you require the new rates to be applied to a pre-existing invoice, you can regenerate the invoice to update it with the new rates immediately.

Managing Charging Plans

Create Charging Plan

  1. Login to the Partner Portal

  2. Once logged in, under the Settings Menu, click Charging Plans.

  3. Click on "Create Charging Plan" to create a new plan.

If you have either a CTS (Call Termination Services) or an Inbound Number System (INS) service, a charging plan will be automatically created by default.

  1. Enter the Charging Plan name, choose the type (either CTS (Call Termination Services) or Inbound Number System), and then select the services you want the plan to apply to.

  1. After saving the Charging Plan, you will be redirected to the new plan.

Update Charging Plan

To set a charging plan to the default plan or update assigned services click on the edit icon next to the charging plan you wish to update.

Delete Charging Plan

To delete a charging plan, you click on trash icon and confirm that you wish to delete the charging plan.

Charging plans can only be deleted when they are not set to the default plan

Setting Rates

By default you will have a set of call rates added which will pass the Reseller Price which is charged at a per minute rate. The end cu

  1. From the list of charging plans, click on the name of the charging plan to update. For this example we will select "Default CTS (Call Termination Services)"

  1. Click the edit icon under the Actions column in the Call Destination Charges table.

  1. The Rate Configuration form will appear above the Current Destination Charges table. From here you can now set your rates.

Example Rates

To set a markup of 30%, enter 1.3 in the "Cost Multiplier" field in the Configure Rates section.

To configure a per interval charge of 10 cents for every 20 seconds, you would enter $0.10 in the charge field and then add 20 in the "Seconds" field.

This will apply a charge of 10 cents for every 20-second interval of the call.

After configuring and saving your cost and/or interval charges, the Current Destination Charges table will be automatically updated using the formula.

Bulk Rates update

To save time, you can bulk update your rates by using the template provided and editing the csv within your chosen editor.

  1. Click "Export CSV" to download an export of your Current Destination Charges.

  1. Once you have opened the downloaded file in your chosen editor, any previously configured costs will be displayed.

  1. To import the edited CSV file, click on "Import CSV", choose the file you have modified, and then upload it.

  1. Once uploaded your new charging rate will be applied.

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