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Step by Step guides for our Cloud PBX
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What is a valid Caller ID?
What can or can't I use as a Valid Caller ID for my SIP products?
How can I make Anonymous Calls?
Making anonymous calls from Wholesale PBX, VoIP bundles or SIP Trunks
Getting a breakdown on the resources for an Organization
This page covers off a high-level overview of how to get a breakdown of the DIDs, Extension Types and CDR for any given ...
Configuring Fax to Email
Configuring Fax to Email within the Hosted Network VoIPNow Platform
VoIP Bundle Creation & Implementation
This page goes over how you can implement a simple VoIP bundle for reselling it to your customers
Uploading Sound files to VoIPNow
This article covers the uploading of new sound files to our VoIPNow portal.
How does Call Parking work on VoIPNow?
Transferring Calls Waiting in Queues
How to setup a Queue (Hunt Group)
This Video will guide you thought the process of setting up a Queue (Hunt Group)
How to find a list of all the numbers assigned to your Service Provider account
This article covers how to find a complete list of every DID assigned to your VoIPNow Service Provider account and where...
How to do a context jump based on the incoming Called DID
This article covers how to use the "Jump to Context" action within an IVR to route calls based on the number the Caller ...
How to change Music on Hold for an extension
Configuring Charging Plans to add margin to outbound calls for SIP Trunks and VoIP Bundles
This guide shows you how to configure your profit margins on outbound calls.
Creating and updating a time interval
This article covers how to create a new Time Interval (also applies to existing time intervals) within your VoIPNow Serv...
How to apply a time interval to an Incoming Call Rule
This article covers how to apply a pre-existing time interval against an extension to divert it to Voicemail or another ...
How to add an Incoming Caller ID Prefix with an IVR
This article explains how to prefix an incoming call's Caller ID Name with the advanced extension "IVR".
Applying sound files to an IVR
This article covers how to apply uploaded sound files to an IVR
How to configure an IVR to transfer to an external number
This article covers how to configure an IVR Option within VoIPNow to allow calls to be transferred to external numbers
How to enable International Call barring on Organizations and Users
This guide covers how to enable international call barring on Organizations and Users within the VoIPNow portal.
How to Configure BLF on Virtual Multi-Purpose Key
This article covers how to configure BLF on Virtual Multi-Purpose Key of Grandstream IP phone
How to configure Intercom/Paging
This page covers how to configure Intercom/Paging features in VOIPnow
How to configure TLS and SRTP on VOIPnow and Grandstream Phones
Secure SIP protects SIP messages by encrypting them over a TLS (Transport Layer Security) channel using a security certi...