Setting up Monitored Call Parking

The Grandstream handsets all support the use of "Monitored call parking" with our VoIPNow platform via the built in features of the phones and the call codes programmed into VoIPNow.

You can follow the guide below to configure "Monitored Call Parking" on the Grandstream handsets.

The guide below applies to the Grandstream GXP2100 and GXP1700 series handsets, other models do support this but their interfaces can vary greatly

Monitored Call Parking Setup Guide

1. Login to the WebGUI of the phones (NOTE: you can find the IP Address of most grandstream phones by pressing the "UP" key on the directional pad)

2. Once logged in hover over "Settings", and then hover over "Programmable Keys", then click on "Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys".

3. On the page that opens you should see a list of Multi-Purpose keys that match the number of lines on the Grandstream device. Click on "Edit VPK" to the right of the line where you want the "Monitored Call Park" key to be

4. In the window that opens up set the "Mode" to "Monitored Call Park", and set the "Accounts" dropdown to match the active account (usually Account 1). Then in the description field give it a name the user will understand (Park 1 or something like "Call Park 1").

For the "Value" field you need to enter "*xxxx*2y" (xxxx = the organisation ID, this can be found on any extension details page as part of the "xxxx*xxx" username, y= parking lot position e.g. *xxxx*21 is lot 1)

Click "Save" to save the button changes

5. Click on "Save VPK" to make the changes take affect and appear on the screen

"No Dial Plan Matched" error

You may encounter a "No Dial Plan Matched" error when trying to use the "Monitored Call Parking" buttons the first time after configuring them. This is a relatively easy fix, you can follow the below steps to fix this issue:

If you cannot see the "Dial Plan" menu option please ensure your phones firmware is up to date

1. In the WebGUI of the phone go to "Accounts", then "Account 1" and then "Dial Plan"

2. In the page that loads up you should be able to see the existing Dial Plan settings, check to see if you can see a pattern for "*xxxx*xx" already in there. If you cannot then click on "Add" at the top of the table

3. In the new field that is added put "*xxxx*xx" into the "Rule" field

4. Click "Save" at the top of the table to save the new dial plan. Then test the call parking again

If you still encounter issues with the call parking please contact our support team on

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