SPA112 - Fax Settings

To configure the SPA112 ATA device with the Hosted Network VoIPNow platform you can follow the steps below, this covers a few extras that we have found helped improve the experience with the ATA devices for majority of our customers.

Step 1. Configure the Extension details

On first login to the device you should be presented with a quick setup page (below is an example), on this page you need to input a few bits of information. Specifically the extension username and password, along with the SIP Server.

i. Proxy: Set this to "" ii. Display Name: Set this to be what you have named the extension in VoIPNow iii. User ID: This is the "xxxx*xxx" number of the extension, this can be found on the extension summary page in VoIPNow iv. Password: This is the password you set when creating the extension in VoIPNow

Step 2. Configure additional settings

We have found that there are some additional settings that need to be adjusted for the ATA to function correctly with our system. Adjust the settings in the ATA to match the settings below, everything else not mentioned can be left as default.

Go to the "Voice" menu and select "Line 1" from the left, on the page that loads adjust the following settings:

i. Network Jitter Level: very high ii. Jitter Buffer Adjustment: no

On the same page scroll down to the "Supplementary Service Subscription" section and adjust the following settings:

i. Call waiting Serv: no ii. Three Way Call Serv: no

Still on the same page, scroll down to the "Audio Configuration" section and adjust the following settings:

i. Preferred Codec: G711a ii. Use Pref Codec Only: yes iii. Silence Supp Enable: no iv. Echo Canc Enable: no v. FAX Passthru Codec: G711a vi. FAX Passthru method: ReINVITE vii. FAX Enable T38: yes viii. FAX T38 ECM Enable: yes ix. Fax Tone Detect Mode: Callee only

Click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page to save the changes, this may cause the extension to re-register. Once registered do some test faxes to ensure it is working.

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