How to run diagnostic tests within the GDMS

This article runs through some of the diagnostic capabilities of the Grandstream Device Management System and how to access them.


The Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS for short) has the capability to diagnose and test some items remotely through a centralized portal.

Some of the basic functions you can run are:

  • PING - This carries out a basic ping function remotely from the phone to a specified destination. The results include packet loss, min/max packet size and the round-trip time of the packets

  • Traceroute - This carries out a basic traceroute function, displaying the route that the device has to take to get to a destination (including the latency and name/IP of each hop)

  • Syslog - This allows you to actively capture the logs of functions the phone is carrying out in the background, this is useful if the phone isn't carrying out a specific function as you would expect it to

  • Packet Capture - This function allows you to run a packet capture for as long as you need, this is particularly useful when trying to diagnose BLF functions, call routing issues and provisioning issues

  • System Status - This allows you to grab the system information of the phone, including the CPU, Memory and Storage stats.

Accessing the Diagnostic Tools

Within the GDMS there are two ways of accessing the diagnostic tools for a phone, both ways provide access to the same tool set. Both options take you to the screen below where you can run the tests against that phone specifically.

Option 1.

Through the "Voice Device" section (found on the left of the page) you can search for the device you are after, and then click on the below icon to access the diagnostic tools.

Option 2.

Through the "Diagnostic" option (found on the left side of the page), it will redirect you to the below page. Simply enter the MAC Address of the phone you wish to run the tests on and click "Run Diagnostics", this will direct you to the page where you can access the diagnostic tools.

If you encounter any issues with this guide or have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via email at or via phone on 1300 781 148.

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