VoIP Fault Guide

This support article contains a guide on what information Hosted Network support will need from you (the partner) when logging a VoIP fault.

By providing us this information at the time of logging the fault we can decrease the amount of time it takes to resolve the issue.

Please ensure you have gone over the VoIP Troubleshooting Guide prior to logging a VoIP Fault with Hosted Network support.

Some things to consider

If the issue that you or the customer/end-user are experiencing is urgent please log a ticket with our support desk and then give us a call asking for escalation - please make sure to reference your ticket number when calling.

Fault Information Guide

Below is a few questions that Hosted Network Support will ask you to answer, along with some test results that we will need you to provide when logging the VoIP Fault.

The information needs to be as accurate as possible because it will point the assigned Support Engineer in the right direction and inaccurate/vague information can extend the amount of time until the issue is resolved.


Is the issue occurring for all phones, or only specific phones?

  • This is incredibly important as we will base the impact & priority of the issue based on how many staff/users are affected.

  • If the issue is only occurring with some of the phones please provide a list of the associated extensions.

How can we reproduce the issue?

Is the issue occurring consistently? (i.e. can they replicate it every time they use the phone or is it random?)

  • If it is happening semi-consistently support will need to know the frequency of the issue.

Is the issue occurring for any other of your customers?

Is the issue making the phones completely unusable or is it causing difficulties with using the phone but can still be used to make calls?

  • This would be something like being unable to call internally but can call to external numbers, or being unable to call international numbers.

Who is your ISP?

  • This is important as we will need to confirm if there are any active outages in the customer/end-user/s area that might be affecting the phones.

  • This would also tell where the phone connections will be coming from

Have you tried the basic/level 1 diagnostics?

  • E.g. Rebooted the Router and all of the phones? Have you checked that SIP ALG is disabled?

  • Please refer to the VoIP Troubleshooting Guide on what to check

Additional Required Information:

  • Please run the Hosted Network Network Diagnostics tool, see link below, and send us the logs.

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