How to apply a time interval to an Incoming Call Rule

This article covers how to apply a pre-existing time interval against an extension to divert it to Voicemail or another extension within the pre-defined times.

Follow the below steps to create a new incoming call rule or update an existing one with a time interval

Step 1. Navigate to and login with your VoIPNow details

Step 2. Navigate to the extension where you would like to configure the new "Incoming Call Rule" with a "Time Interval"

Step 3. Once on the extension information page, click on "Incoming Call Rules"

Step 4. Add the new incoming call rule, see the below for examples/explanations of the different options

Note: you can edit an existing rule just by clicking on the "Action Name"

Please see this VoIPNow article for an explanation of the different call rule types and their various settings:

To specify the call rule to trigger within a pre-existing Time Interval select it from the dropdown next to "and call is in time interval..."

Step 5. Once you are happy with the rule, click on "Ok" to save the call rule

Step 6. Test the call rule

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