Invoice Details

The Invoice Details of the Rebilling configuration allows you to tailor the details that are displayed on the invoice to match your business. For example, uploading your logo and setting your payment terms.

Invoice Prefix

This is added to the beginning of each of your invoice numbers for example AAP-00001

Invoice Number

If you enter a number into this field when your invoices are generated, the invoice number will start from the number entered. If left blank the first invoice number will be 1.

If you have integrated the Rebilling Platform to Xero the prefix and number must be unique, otherwise invoices will fail to create as the Rebilling Platform does not detect the next invoice if an invoice was not generated by the system

This logo will appear at the top left of each invoice that is generated. If left blank, no image will appear in the invoice.

Payment Terms

This will set the number of days between when the invoice is generated (the 1st of the month) and how many days your customer has to pay the invoice.

Payment terms can also be set on a per end customer basis that over-rides the Payment Terms set in the configuration page

Billing Period

This allows you to choose the billing period of your invoices.

If the billing period is set to "In Advanced" Utility charges will always be from the previous month

Invoice Layout

There are now two invoice templates to choose from these vary depending on the style of invoice you want to use.

Version 1 template

Version 2 of the template

Save Configuration

Once you have completed all the required fields you can click “Save Configuration” on the final page.

If everything is correct you will be redirected to the End Customers page.

After saving your configuration, you will be presented with the following success message:

You have now successfully configured your Rebilling System.

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