Getting Familiar with Antares Portal


  • Active Nodes - you will be able to view all active bonds and the current leg interface/s traffic usage

  • Latest Notification - you will be able to view all recent activities

  • Recent Activity - These are the change logs that happened to all activities relating to your Organization’s Bonds/Spaces

Nodes & SD-WAN

This section is subdivided into 3 sections. SD-WAN Networks, Bonds, Shared Assets.

  • SD-WAN Networks - this section shows which SD-WAN services are under a Private WAN Connection and Bonds that are using the same space. Navigating to each Network will also allow you to see which bonds are assigned on each Network and you may be able to modify the service from there.

  • Bonds - This section displays all bonds/bonders associated with your organization and provides a status preview. In this section, you can view and modify your bonder. If you have several bonds, you may also run a search in this section.

Users & Organizations



  • You will be able to view here all guides and documentation about the Fusion SDWAN e.g. architecture, bonds setup, bond management, troubleshooting guides, etc.

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