How to cancel services in the Partner Portal
This guide shows how you can cancel an existing service that is currently active in the Hosted Network Partner Portal.
In the partner portal you can order and cancel various different services ranging from ordering new Internet connections all the way up to ordering new "Virtual Datacenters" for our vCloud Platform.
In order to request the cancellation of a service via the Partner Portal you can follow the steps below:
Step 1. Navigate to, click on "Secure Client Login" and login with your credentials (NOTE: Support can reset these for you if you have forgotten the details)
Step 2. Once logged in click on "Services" on the left to bring up a list of your "Products & Services" , from the list select the service you wish to cancel.
Step 3. On the page that loads up you should see all the information for your service, you can either click on the big red "Request Cancellation" button in the middle of the page or click on the "Request Cancellation" option under the Action menu on the left.
Step 4. Provide a brief explanation for the reason you are cancelling the service, this doesn't impact whether the service is cancelled or not as it is just for internal purposes. Once you are happy with your explanation click on "Request Cancellation" to confirm the cancellation and send it through to our support team.
Once the team has processed your cancellation request we will let you know that the service has been successfully cancelled, in the event of anything stopping us from deleting the service support will contact you directly.
When the service has been cancelled it will appear as "Cancelled" in the Partner Portal.
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