How to activate call recording in VOIPnow

This guide shows you how to enable the call recording on specific extensions regardless if its SIP trunk or standard extensions

Important Notes

Calls will only be recorded if they pass through our system, so in the case of MS Teams it will not record Teams to Teams meetings.

Configuration Steps

  1. Log into our VoIPNow website at using your management credentials

2. Click on "Extensions" in the menu on the left and navigate to the extension you want to enable the call recording

3. Click on the button named "Phone Terminal Setup"

4. Once clicked you may be able to see the below page and scroll down until you see the "Call Recording" section. Tick the box next to "Call recording function enabled" and Set the "Record triggered" option to "All calls are recorded" and set the auto-delete option to 14 days (this is our recommended amount but you can set it higher)

5. Scroll to the right bottom of the page and hit the OK button to save the settings

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