This support article contains information on what Partners can do in order to try and resolve Internet Connection issues prior to contacting Hosted Network support.

As a wholesale provider, Hosted Network require our Partners to perform level 1 and level 2 diagnostics before we can accept a fault. Please ensure you've gone through these steps before logging a fault. Failure to do so may result in a longer resolution time frame.

Troubleshooting steps / guides

Below are the Level 1 and 2 diagnostics that you are required to complete. Please note the results of these diagnostic steps when submitting a fault to ensure Hosted Network engineers have all of the required details.

Some of the steps are more specific to specific types of WAN technology, so you will need to ensure you are aware of what type of connection that you are working with.

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Are there maintenance/outage notifications in the Partner Portal for the service or at Hosted Network Status Page?

  • When did the issue start?

  • Were there any recent network changes on your end?

  • Check/determine the symptom

Has the service ever worked before?

Check if the CPE and carrier device (if applicable) is powered on and connected properly (nbn, Telstra, AAPT)

Check if reboot of devices restores the connection

If the issue is not resolved, please refer to advanced troubleshooting prior raising a fault to Support Team

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