Emails from VoIPNow going to SPAM

This article explains how to stop emails sent from your VoIPNow account going into your SPAM folder.

Due to the way VoIPNow sends emails out many people find that their Voicemail or Fax emails sent to them have ended up in the Junk/SPAM folder or they flat out don't receive the email at all as it fails security checks.

This is due to VoIPNow sending the email out "AS" you, so it will appear as you sending yourself an email (FROM:, TO: instead of coming from a generic email address.

To stop the emails going to SPAM all you need to do is add in the below entry to your SPF record within your DNS hosting:

So the full SPF record will look something like the below if you don't currently have an SPF record, but if you already have one just add the above to the existing record

v=spf1 mx -all

Please feel free to contact Hosted Network Support on 1300-781-148 or via email at if you encounter any issues.

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