Creating a basic IVR

With the numbering system, you can configure an IVR that sits outside of your standard phone system if you'd like it to be kept separate from your normal phone system. This gives you the flexibility to chop and change the config as the customer needs it to, or easily forward your numbers should Hosted Network be performing maintenance.

NOTE! All forwards from the Inbound Numbering System to VoIPNow require the use of public DIDs, this is because the Inbound Numbering System is not directly connected to VoIPNow.


Follow the steps below to create a basic IVR and configure the routes/options.

Step 1. Log in as a user that has Admin access to your account, LINK

Step 2. Click on "+ Create New Service" to the right of the page

Step 3. Select the client it is for (if the client doesn't exist you can create it later and move the service to that client), then select "Interactive Service" and then click "Confirm" to continue

Step 4. Give the service a name and then move the DID you want this service to manage (e.g. just the DID, or the customers' name). If the DID you want is not available, you can still create the service and move the DID later

Step 5. Under "Configure Main Menu Settings" click the "Select" button to the right of Audio.

Step 6. Change the dropdown to "Upload New Audio" give it a name and upload your IVR sound file, then click confirm when ready

Step 7. Now you can add some IVR options, click on "Advanced" to the right of the first option then click on the edit icon (looks like a pen and paper)

Step 8. Enter the destination you want it to ring then click on "New Menu *" in the pane on the left

Step 9. Repeat Steps 7 and 8 for any additional entries you may need

Step 10. Once all your options are configured click on "Save Service" to save the IVR and publish it

The changes should take affect immediately, so please ensure you test the IVR to make 100% sure its working as needed. If you run into any issues please reach out to our support team so we can assist you.

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