How to login to the GDMS platform

This is article covers how to log in using your GDMS account


The Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS) is a centralized management platform provided by Grandstream for their GRP26XX, GXP21XX and other supported models of phones. The GDMS provides you with a single portal to manage, control and diagnose all of your Grandstream devices without needing to access the end-customer computers or use a VPN to get access to the WebGUI of the devices. It also provides some more advanced diagnostic and configuration settings that are available via the WebGUI of the phone (E.g. Ping/Traceroute, Packet Capture, Network Stability, etc). Going forward all of your GRP26XX and WP820 model phones will be added to this portal to lower your support costs and improve resolution times for customer issues.

Assuming you have already with you the GDMS login credentials provided by Hosted Network

Step 1 - Go to the browser then paste this link "” you will be redirected to this page then log in using the GDMS credentials

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