List of the common issues submitted by the partners

This article covers the most reported issues in VOIPnow

  • Ghost calls - These are typically calls that only appear on the phone and do not register as calls within the VoIP server itself. (sometimes displayed as odd numbers like 0000) To resolve this issue please ensure that the below parameters are enabled or disabled depending on what hardware you are using


Accept SIP Trust Server Only: ENABLED Allow IP Calls: DISABLED

Grandstream GXP/GRP models

Disable Direct IP Call: ENABLED Accept SIP Trust Server Only: ENABLED

Grandstream WP820

Only Accept SIP Requests from Known Servers: ENABLED Check SIP User ID for Incoming INVITE: ENABLED

  • Specific extension unable to make outbound calls but can receive incoming calls - This is due to recent changes imposed by ACMA on CallerIDs to reduce the spam calls. They restricted the use of Anonymous caller ID and a special number

To mitigate the issue please ensure you have assigned a DID for the extension in VOIPnow or check if you configure the below parameters for outbound caller ID under "Phone Terminal Setup"

Note: you need to use a valid DID on these parameters e.g 0289998000

CallerID name in public calls

CallerID number in public calls

  • Unable to make outbound and inbound calls through Teams (issue wrong DID format)

To resolve this, please ensure that you have correctly executed the commands from our KB article on how to assign a DID to a Teams Tenants. Basically, you need to remove the 0 and use the +61 only e.g. +61289998000

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