End Customers Management

Once the Rebilling system has been configured, you will be redirected to the list of your configured End Customers.

To configure one of them for rebilling select their account you’ll now be able to add and configure services, recurring charges, once-off items and see any invoices generated for them.

If your End Customer does not have an e-mail address configured against their account you will need to configure this in order to send them invoices. An error will appear at the top of the page to notify you of this if it is required.

Invoice Payment Terms

You can set the payment terms on an end customer that overrides the globally set period.

Creating End Customers

End Customers can be created two ways, either manually or imported from your integrated PSA.

To create an End Customer, go to the End Customer section within the Partner Portal and click “Create End Customer” from your End Customer page.

You are now given two options:

  1. Create a new end customer manually

  2. Import from integration

Manual End Customer Creation

If you select “Create end customer manually” you will be asked to manually enter the details. If you’ve chosen an integration e.g. AutoTask you must select an account to link it to.

Creating End Customer from Integration

If you chose “Import from Integration” you will then be given a dropdown list where you can select the customer from your chosen integration. Once you have selected your account, click “Next” to continue.

On the final step, you will now have all the details pre-filled from your integration.

The fields that are synced are

  1. Company Name

  2. Contact Number

  3. Company Address

  4. Integration Reference

Click “Save” to create your end customer.

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