Reasons for Number Port Rejection

Delays or rejection of number porting applications may be due to one of the following:

Porting inactive numbers

Customers have already cancelled numbers with their existing provider and the number longer no longer exists. Ensure numbers to be ported are active. Do not cancel services with losing carrier until you have received confirmation that the numbers have successfully ported within HN VoIP system, have been tested and working correctly.

Missing associated numbers

The numbers that have been submitted are rejected because of missing associated numbers (they are part of an active number range). If numbers are part of a range you will need to either port the entire range, then once successfully ported, cancel the unwanted numbers or request from carrier to break number range and port the numbers required. We suggest the former to minimise further delays from losing provider. If you are unaware of the missing associated numbers, a Pre-port Number Validation can be submitted to the losing carrier who will provide the full list of numbers within the range.

The numbers do not match the service address specified

Ensure the numbers to be ported over match the address on the bill. Keep in mind the physical address of the numbers may be different to the billing address shown on the losing provider's invoice.

The Retail Service Provider (losing provider) has been incorrectly identified

Ensure the correct losing provider is selected for each number port. If there are multiple numbers with multiple providers and separate bills, they will need to be submitted separately.

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