Multi-Factor Authentication

This guide explains how to enable 2FA on your Hosted Network Partner Portal Account.

Two Factor Authentication

You can follow this guide, or you can watch this video to quickly follow through the process.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Step 1: Login

Navigate to, click on "Partner Login" and login with your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to your profile

Once you have successfully logged in, click on the user icon in the top right, then click on "Profile"

Step 3: Two Factor Authentication

From the profile page scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the option for Two Factor Authentication. Click on "Enable 2FA"

You will then be prompted to enter your current password for verifcation.

Once you have verified your password you will be presented with a QR code. Using a 2FA application like Google Authenticator or Authy. After scanning the QR code enter your OTP that is provided in your 2FA application.

Once the OTP is accepted you will then be presented with the recovery codes.

Keep these codes safe, you will only get them ones. Store them in a safe location and do not share them with anyone.

Once you have copied the recovery codes, clicking "Close" will take you back to your profile page.

Scrolling down to the bottom you will now see "Disable 2FA" within the Two Factor Authentication

Once 2FA has been enabled, you are required to enter your OTP to log in, change your accounts password or email address.

When logging in you will be presented with the OTP field after entering your username and password.

Disable Two Factor Authentication

If for any reason you need to disable 2FA you can do so from your profile page. Click on "Disable 2FA"

You will be prompted to enter your OTP one last time.

Once verified your account will no longer be secured with 2FA.

If at any time you wish to enable 2FA again, you can start the process by following the video above or the steps in Enable Two Factor Authentication

Recovery Codes

These codes are used in replacement of your OTP. If you have lost your phone, lose access to your 2FA application, these recovery codes can be used instead.

However, unlike the codes provided by 2FA applications, each recovery code you are provided has a single use. Once they have been used, they can't be used again.

You are provided with 6 recovery codes.

If you have lost your recovery codes or access to your 2FA application and can no longer access your account.

Please contact Support and we will begin the recovery process for your account.

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