Applying sound files to an IVR

This article covers how to apply uploaded sound files to an IVR

Step 1 - Login to the VoIPNow portal


Step 2 - Navigate to the IVR Extension and open the IVR Setup

Step 3 - Click on the context with the option you wish to change the sound file.

Step 4 - Click into the option, below we want to change the greeting message so we will go into ‘Start’.

Step 5 - Click on the action at the bottom ‘Play Sound’ (If you wanted to add a new sound, you would use the add action option at the top) and click on the music note

Step 6 - Type in the name of the sound which you set when you uploaded the sound and then click search. It should display your sound which you can then click on the ‘Name’ to select it.

Step 7 - Click on ‘OK’ then at the top of the screen you will see a yellow warning messgae, click on the ‘here’ link to regenerate the IVR and apply the new sound file

Your new sound file has now been successfully applied.

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