Getting Support for Microsoft Direct Routing

This page outlines how to get support for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Hosted Network cannot support the configuration of Microsoft Teams, we are only able to assist with calls being routed to/from the Microsoft Teams Instance.

Any issues as a result of a configuration issue within Microsoft Teams (e.g. with an IVR or Queue) are outside of Hosted Network's scope of support.

If you believe there is a call routing issue between Microsoft Teams and Hosted Network you an easily log a ticket by emailing the below information to If you call prior to logging a ticket our team will request you to provide the information below and will cause resolution times to be extended.

Description of the Issue: (This can be a short but informative explanation of the issue) Call Samples: - Date/Time: e.g. 20/04/2020 @ 12:03PM - Called Number: e.g. 0289998000 - Caller Number: e.g. 0289998002

Ideally you should provide 2-3 call samples so that we can accurately investigate the issue for you.

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