Configuring Charging Plans to add margin to 13/1300/1800 Inbound calls

This guide shows you how to configure your profit margins on 13/1300/1800 inbound calls for SIP Trunks, VoIP Bundles and Multi-Tenant PBX.

Charging Plan Overview

By default, the charging plans in the VoIPNow system do not add any margin to the 13/1300/1800 incoming calls

In order to ensure you are adding margin on top of your cost when billing your customer via our Rebilling system, you will need to configure the charging plan to add margin to the Incoming calls at the appropriate level depending on your product type.

Note: This configuration is for 13/1300 and 1800 numbers only because they are the ones that have an inbound call cost.

1800 number shouldn't incur call costs if the customer is calling them as it is a toll-free number. The account holder is charged for calls to an 1800 number, not the caller.

VoIP Bundles only have access to "User Level" charging, whereas a Wholesale VoIP Service Provider account has to access to both "User Level" and "Organization Level" charging

This guide will work for all of the below products with Hosted Network.

  • VoIP Bundles

  • Cloud PBX Bundles

  • Standard PAYG/Unlimited SIP Trunks

  • MS Teams Direct Routing

  • Multi-tenant PBX

Configuration Steps

Note: Changes are not retrospective and only affect new calls after the change has been made.

1. Log into our VoIPNow website at

2. Once logged in, Navigate to "Charging Plans" on the left and you may be able to see your default charging plan created by Hosted Network

3. Navigate to the Charging plan and modify this parameter "Charge incoming calls" under "Fees" section based on the custom rate that you wanted to apply

4. Below is the example of a custom rate

Example 1 - Charging 20% extra on top of the HN call charges

5. Click "OK" to save your custom rate, this will immediately apply it to the Charging Plan

The system will not retroactively go back and change previous calls to have the updated call charges, so if this change is made in the middle of the month it will cause a sudden spike in call charges halfway through the month.

We recommend trying to make the changes either at the start or towards the end of the month to avoid confusion.

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