Creating a new user

This article goes through how you can add a new user to your numbering system account, and allow other users to manage your 13/1300/1800 numbers

You have the ability to create additional users for your Inbound Numbering System account without needing the assistance of the Hosted Network support team.

With these user accounts, you can control what features/permissions they have access to so you can limit them to only being able to do very basic functions or give them full admin access to your account.

NOTE! If a user changes something and causes routing for a 13/1300/1800 number to break we cannot revert the settings and will need to adjust them manually. In this situation, we greatly recommend reaching out to our support team to resolve it ASAP


Follow the steps below to configure a new user profile to allow others to log in to your account.

Step 1. Log in as a user that has Admin access to your account, LINK

Step 2. Once logged in click on "Accounts" at the top of the page

Step 3. On the right half of the page should be your account details, click on the "Users" tab to the right

Step 4. Click "+ Add New User" to add a new user profile

Step 5. Fill in the user details and then give them the required level of access needed

Step 6. Once everything is filled in click "Save" at the bottom to save the user profile

When the user goes to log in they will need the account code you initially used to log in to access the portal.

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