Account Permissions

The Partner Portal enables you to manage contacts, granting them access to the portal under their own accounts. However, it's essential to configure permissions to ensure they can perform specific actions within the Partner Portal. Here's how you can set the Account Permissions for a contact:

Step One: Login to the Partner Portal

  • Login to the Partner Portal:

Step Two: Navigate to Contacts

  • Click Settings, then select Contacts

Step Three: Choose the Contact

  • From the list of contacts, identify and click on the contact whose permissions you wish to update.

Step Four: Update Account Permissions

  • Scroll down the contact's profile page until you reach the 'Account Permissions' section.

  • Check the box next to each permission you want to grant the contact.

Step Five: Save Changes

  • After selecting the desired permissions, click on 'Proceed' or 'Save Changes' to apply the updates.

Step Six: Confirm Changes

  • Once saved, you will be redirected to the Contact Summary page where you will see the list of permissions assigned to the contact next to Permissions.

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