FTTN/B (Fibre to the Node/Basement) or VDSL2

Check and note down the status lights of the VDSL2 Modem

  • Power

  • Sync/DSL

  • Internet/WAN

  • Ethernet/LAN

Note: Include if blinking or solid

Ensure SRA (Seamless Rate Adaption) is enabled, and if possible, in Dynamic mode for both upstream and downstream


  • Verify that the VDSL2 modem onsite is connected to the Telephone wall socket correctly. Ensure that internal wiring has no issues

  • Has another Telephone Line Cable and VDSL2 modem tested? (Test the telephone line cable)

Perform nbn diagnostics check via the Partner Portal NBN Self-Diagnostics Tool

  • Perform Line State Test to check the current operational status of the DSLAM port. If the DSLAM port is in an operationally up state, but the CPE modem indicates no sync, proceed to the next step. If the DSLAM port operational state and the CPE modem sync state do not align, raise a fault.

  • Perform Port Reset to fix VDSL2 modem sync issues. Ensure you wait around 3-4 minutes after the reset completes to allow the CPE modem to attempt to sync before conducting further testing, or the results may be invalid.

  • If the modem is still not able to get sync, there could be a bridge tap or a connection issue inside or outside the premises. Raise a fault.

Raising a fault to Hosted Network Support Team

  • Provide Troubleshooting performed

  • Provide VDSL2 modem Light status details, can be a photo (preferred) or written via email

  • Provide Site Contact Details and availability for nbn tech visit

  • Log a fault on the affected service via the Partner Portal or send an email to support@hostednetwork.com.au. Once completed, it will log a ticket with our Engineers, and will review the information and confirm the next steps.

You may always reach out to our support team to request assistance on troubleshooting the issues.

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