How to configure an IVR to transfer to an external number

This article covers how to configure an IVR Option within VoIPNow to allow calls to be transferred to external numbers

Step 1 - Login to the VoIPNow portal


Step 2 - Navigate to the IVR Extension and open the IVR Setup

Step 3 - Click On "MainMenu" then navigate to the specific Context Option that you need to configure

Step 4 - Add Action using "Set Variable". then in "Associate variable" just put anything in there but for best practice, if you will forward the calls to a mobile number just put "MOBILE". In "With string" there you can put the desired number to which the call will be forwarded then hit OK

Step 5 - Add Action using "Transfer call to number contained in variable" then set the "Transfer call to number contained in variable" to MOBILE (the one you set in the first action). Don't forget to enable the "Allow transfer to external numbers" then hit OK

Step 6 - Please make sure the "Set variable" action is on priority 1

Your call forwarding setup was successfully configured.

If you are still encountering issues after following this guide please reach out to our Support team via email at or by phone at 1300-781-148.

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