Router configuration for Telstra 4G/5G services

This document outlines the steps for configuring a router or LTE/5G module for a Telstra 4G/5G service

These steps are specifically for configuring the LTE module on a Sophos XGS firewall appliance, however the LTE details are the same for all devices, and steps should be similar on other 4G/5G routers or LTE modules.

4G configuration details:

IP assignment: Dial-Up Dial number/Phone number: *99# APN: telstra.internet or telstra.wan

5G configuration details:

IP assignment: Network Adapter (DHCP) APN: telstra.iph

Configuration Steps

  1. Log in to Sophos Firewall

  2. Turn on Cellular WAN - Configure > Network > Cellullar WAN

  3. Once it is turned on, go to Interfaces and edit the Cellular Interface (WWAN1) - Configure > Network > Interfaces > WWAN1 - Click Show recommended configuration at load it - Input the required 4G or 5G configuration - Hit Save LTE:


  4. Once done, click connect on the WWAN1 Interface

  5. It will show an IP address once it is successfully connected

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