Email Settings

Automatic Sending of Invoices

This isn’t a required field, and if this isn’t checked, you will still have invoices generated. If you have integrated the Rebilling System into a 3rd party application, we will still upload products and services.

From Email Address and Name

For us to be able to send emails on your behalf, we require you to enter the “From Email Address” and “From Name”.

Once you have completed this form, you will receive a “Confirm Sender Signature” email from PostmarkApp requesting that you verify your email address. Once confirmed, we will be able to send emails on your behalf.

Since we use a 3rd party system, you must not use a public hosting site like gmail, hotmail, yahoomail, etc.

You must use a business email address.

BCC Recipient

If you wish to be included on the emails sent to your customers, you can add your email address in the Invoice BCC Recipient Field.

Bounce Notification Recipient

If an email fails to send, you can add your email address in the Bounce Notification Recipient field to receive bounced emails.

SPF Records

We have provided a SPF Checker which can check against a domain to look for the above SPF record. Click on “Check SPF Record” to use the checker.

If you have just recently updated your DNS settings, it may take a few minutes to 48 hours for it to replicate across the internet and for the checker to detect it. You can come back any time to check to see if it’s been correctly configured.

Invoice Notifications

We provide you the ability to update the subject and content of the emails that the Rebilling System sends to your customers. We have created a default template that you can modify yourself. Click on “Edit Invoice Notification Template” to view and change the template.

The “Invoice Notification Template” has a list of available variables which can be used in your invoice template. This allows you to customise the template.

  • The first red box highlights all the variables available

  • The second is an example with two variables copied

Available Variables

Variable Name




First name of customer



Last name of customer



Customer company name

ABC Company


Short Month and Year

Aug 2021


Invoice Month Full word



Invoice Year



Due date in dd-mm-YYYY



Invoice number without prefix Invoice number with prefix

10001 PREFIX10001


The amount due in the invoice


All variables copied and pasted must be enclosed by the opening { and closing } curly braces. If this is not done the text will not be replaced when the email is sent.

Test notification

Once you have completed configuring the email the in previous section, you can now test the template. You can do this by clicking on “Send Test Notification Email” which will send an email with dummy information of your template for you to validate.

Enter your email address and click “Send”. Once the email has been sent you will be notified within the modal and then can close it, or re-send the email to another address.

Once received you will be able to validate if the template is correct.

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