"Call cannot be connected" error with Auto-Attendants and Queues

This article covers how to resolve the "Call cannot be connected, please try again later" error within Microsoft Teams.

Within Microsoft teams you have the ability to forward calls outbound to an external number using an Auto-Attendant or a Queue, however many people encounter an error message being played similar to the below:

"Your call cannot be connected, please try again later"

This error is caused by the fact that Teams does not know where to route the outbound calls as the Auto-Attendant or Queue users are not assigned to the appropriate Call Routing policy within Microsoft teams.

For Auto-Attendants and Queues to dial an external number (outside of Teams) you need to ensure it meets the below requirements.

  • Has a "Microsoft 365 Phone System - Virtual User" licence assigned to it (this is a free licence provided by your licencing provider or through Microsoft directly)

  • Has a real public DID assigned to the resource account

  • Is granted access to the appropriate call routing policy

To add the Auto-Attendant and Queue to the appropriate call routing policy simply run the below command and then wait for 15~60 minutes while the settings propagate.

Grant-CsOnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy -Identity '<service_account_full_email>' -PolicyName '<dr_policy>'

<service_account_full_email> = This is the email the system generates when creating the service/resource account in Teams. <dr_policy> = The name of your Teams Direct Routing policy, if setup using our guide this would be "Australia"

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