How to Configure BLF on Virtual Multi-Purpose Key

This article covers how to configure BLF on Virtual Multi-Purpose Key of Grandstream IP phone

The following steps will allow you to configure BLF and Speed Dial keys on your Grandstream IP phone.


  • LAN access to your Grandstream IP phone


1. Log Into IP Phone

2. Navigate to Settings > Programmable Keys > Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys

  • The buttons for the phone will appear in numbered order going down the left side then down the right side. It is recommended to leave line 1 as it is used for registration

  • On the key you wish to modify, select Edit VPK

  • Enter the values described below:

    • Mode: Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

    • Accounts: Account 1

    • Description: Label you wish to appear on the screen (i.e. extension number)

    • Value: Extension number you wish to monitor (i.e. 4371*011)

    • Click Save

Continue the process for as many BLF keys as you wish At the end of the list, you may press Add VPK to continue adding more.

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