Uploading Sound files to VoIPNow

This article covers the uploading of new sound files to our VoIPNow portal.

The sound file needs to be a .wav or .mp3 file type for best results.

Step 1 - Login to the VoIPNow portal with your service provider account or VoIP bundle account

URL - sip01.mhn.net.au

Step 2 - Navigate to the user you wish to upload the sound file to, in the below example we have used the user ‘Call Handling’ because all the IVR and Queue extensions are setup there.

Step 3 - When in the user management click on the ‘Sounds’ button, it will look like the icon below:

Step 4 - In the sounds management window click on ‘Add Sound’.

Step 5 - Give the new sound a name that you can use to easily locate it (e.g. for a welcome message you can just use “ClientName_Greeting”), select the sound file and tick ‘Default Sound File’.

Step 6 - Click OK at the bottom of the page to upload the sound file.

You can now select the sound file to apply to a queue or IVR.

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