How to register VOIPnow extension to NetComm device (NL1901ACV)

This article covers how to configure NetComm devices

To configure the NL1901ACV device with the Hosted Network VoIPNow platform you can follow the steps below

Important Notes / Requirements

Assuming you have configured the NetComm device to have internet access
  • Extension credentials - xxxx*xxx

  • Extension password - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • SIP registrar -


1.Login to NetComm device

2. Navigate to "Voice" >>> "SIP Basic Setting"

3. Under "SIP Basic Setting" you need to configure the below parameters

  • Enable the "Use SIP Registrar"

  • SIP Registrar -

  • Authentication name - Extension credentials (xxxx*xxx)

  • Password - Extension password (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

  • Cid Name - Extension credentials (xxxx*xxx)

  • Cid Number - Extension credentials (xxxx*xxx)

If you need to register another extension, all you have to do is repeat the above configuration using the "SIP Registrar2"

For you to verify if the extension is registered. Navigate to "VoIP Status" and you will see the registration status is Up

Congratulations you have successfully registered your VOIPnow extension using NetComm Device

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