HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial)

Check and note down the status lights of the NCD

  • Power

  • Downstream

  • Upstream

  • Online

  • Link

Note: Include if blinking or solid


  • Has the end user moved the NTD from the wall socket where it was originally installed? If it has been moved, return to the original wall socket

  • Has another Ethernet Cable and CPE tested? (Test the ethernet cable)

  • Check if CPE configuration is correct

  • Factory reset the NTD

  • Check if there is a bend in the cable that is visible or if the cable is stretched/damaged

Perform nbn diagnostics check via the Partner Portal NBN Self-Diagnostics Tool

  • Perform NTD Status Test. If fail, perform a power cycle and re-test. If service is still not restored, raise a fault.

Raising a fault to Hosted Network Support Team

  • Provide Troubleshooting performed

  • Provide NTD Light status details, can be a photo (preferred) or written via email

  • Provide Site Contact Details and availability for nbn tech visit

  • Log a fault on the affected service via the Partner Portal or send an email to support@hostednetwork.com.au. Once completed, it will log a ticket with our Engineers, and will review the information and confirm the next steps.

You may always reach out to our support team to request assistance on troubleshooting the issues.

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