Requesting co-managed router access

This article covers how to request admin access to a managed firewall or router so changes can be made to the appliance without intervention from Hosted Network support.


Routers provided as part of a SecureNetwork service are eligible for co-management, whereby full admin access is provided to allow a partner the ability to adjust configuration without assistance from Hosted Network support.

Co-managed access is by configured request on a per-service basis and not automatically configured for all managed routers.

Issues that arise as a result of partner-made changes may result in increased security risk, voidance of SLA and additional charges for recovery of configuration.

Please see disclaimer section below for more information.

1. Create a support ticket

Log a ticket via with the subject "Co-managed router access request" including the following details:

  • Service ID

  • Public IP from which management access is required (specific IP/s must be provided or external access cannot be provided)

  • Confirmation the disclaimer section of this KB has been understood and accepted

A single admin account called partner-admin will be provided by our support team via a secure password link.

2. Verify access

Once details are received, confirm you're able to access the appliance using the provided credentials from the IP/s specified.


Co-management of SecureNetwork routers is offered to allow a partner greater flexibility in performing urgent changes to routers without engaging Hosted Network support.

All changes performed by a partner and their associated risk are the responsibility of the partner.

  • Co-managed services include syslog event logging for monitoring of changes performed

  • External management access must be restricted to specific source IPs. Partners are not to allow access from 'any' source IP

  • Downtime experienced as a result of partner-made changes on a co-managed service are not eligible for claims against SLA

  • Hosted Network take no responsibility for security breaches that occur as a result of partner-made changes

  • Charges will be incurred for restoration of router configuration by Hosted Network support

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