Mounting an ISO to a VM

If you've deployed a fresh VM (not deployed from a template) or need to mount an ISO to install some software you can easily do this via the vCloud interface, follow the steps below to do this.

Step 1. Login to the vCloud Director portal

Step 2. Click into the Virtual Datacenter that has the VM you want to mount the ISO to

Step 3. Locate the VM you want to attach the ISO to and click 'Actions'

Step 4. From the drop down menu click on 'Media' and then 'Insert Media'

Step 5. Locate the ISO you want to attach, click on it and then click 'INSERT'. if you haven't uploaded the ISO already follow this guide to do so LINK

The ISO will now be mounted to the VM, to remove it once done with the ISO go back to the same dropdown menu and select 'Eject Media' instead to remove the ISO.

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