Creating a new Virtual Machine

There are a few different ways to create a Virtual Machine, either as a standalone VM or as a VM inside a vApp. You can follow the two guides below to setup a new VM.

This only serves as a high-level guide, it does not cover all the small items that may differ depending on what the VM is for. Reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Creating a Standalone VM

Step 1. Login to your vCloud Director management portal

Step 2. Click into the Virtual Datacenter you want to add the network to

Step 3. Click on 'New VM' above the list of VMs

Step 4. Fill in the Required VM details, and then either specify it as a new VM or deploy it from a pre-configured template. Then specify the Storage Policy you want it on and the network configuration. Once done click 'OK' to proceed.

(Note, you may need to scroll to see the additional settings)

The VM will then be cloned from the Template or deployed as a fresh VM. If deploying as a fresh VM you will need to mount an ISO to the VM and install the guest OS, see this article to attach a VM to the VM LINK

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