Accessing Veeam Self Service Backup Portal

This support document outlines how to login to your Veeam Self Service Portal to manage your backup Virtual Data Centre backups.

In the vCloud Director platform you have access to self-service backups to allow you to backup and restore your VMs without our assistance. As long as you've purchased the backup storage for one of your Virtual Datacenters you will have access to the portal.

Historically you had to access the portal via a separate URL but we've integrated this into the vCloud Director portal to make it easier to access.

To access the Self-Service backup portal follow the steps below.

Step 1. Login to the vCloud Director portal.

Step 2. Click on 'More' along the top of the screen and select 'Self-Service Backups' from the drop down

You should now be in the Veeam Self-Service backups.

Legacy Access

The Veeam Self Service portal can alternatively be accessed directly. Each vCloud organisation has a dedicated URL and they will be in the following formats.

Replace ORGANISATION-NAME with the vCloud Organisation name.

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