Archived: Restoring a VM or guest files

This support article demonstrates how to perform a Virtual Machine restoration and the options available.

Video Guide

Step by Step Guide

1. From the Veeam Self Service portal, login and navigate to the VM'S tab.

2. Select the VM from the list and corresponding backup job.

3. Click the Restore VM button and select either:

  • Overwrite - This will delete and overwrite the original VM.

  • Keep - This will keep the original VM but you will need enough storage within your Virtual Data Center to perform this type of request. - This is the recommended option in case the backup fails.

4. Select the restore point you want to restore from.

5. Click Restore to start the process. The job will now be submitted to the restore queue and will be processed when system resources are available.

6. You will now have the Restore Session shown and you can see the status of your job. Once it states Success you will see the restored VM within your Virtual Data Center

Should you have any issues with your restorations please call our support team immediately. All Partners are entitled to 24/7 support for backups.

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