Microsoft Software Licensing

Microsoft Software Licensing

Hosted Network provides Microsoft Software Licenses through the Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). When purchasing our Virtual Data Centre (Infrastructure as a Service) product, Operating System licences are optional and can be purchased at any time.

Please be aware that if a Virtual Server is created using a Microsoft Server OS from our Public Catalogue we will automatically start charging you for use of the license unless you have complied with the Microsoft Licensing Mobility program (See below).

Monthly Software Licensing

Through the SPLA program we provide most software from the Server OS through to SQL, RDS CALs and even Office. Once you have placed an order for any of the Microsoft Products we will mount the installation media to your CD / DVD drive of the desired virtual machine. For user based products such as Office / Remote Desktop Services you may need to activate these separately and our service desk can assist with this.

License Mobility

Customers with Software Assurance can bring their licences over to Hosted Network under the License Mobility Software Assurance program. Typically, if you have a Microsoft volume license agreement it will have a Software Assurance option. If you intend on bringing licences over under this program, please speak with your Microsoft reseller from whom you purchased the volume license agreement to ensure you have Software Assurance and are eligible the License Mobility.

Keep in mind that typically only Microsoft Applications are eligible for License Mobility. For example Exchange, Remote Desktop Services, and SQL. Unfortunately operating systems such as Server 2008, 2012, 2016 don't qualify and as such the base operating system will need to be purchased from Hosted Network.

To use Licensing Mobility download and complete the Microsoft License Mobility Application. (Please use “Hosted Network T/A Superior IT Technologies Pty Ltd” as the name of the Authorised Mobility Partner) and notify your Hosted Network Account Manager that you intend on using Licensing Mobility.

Licensing options that don't have a SA option include:

  • OEM / Retail Packages

  • Technet / Action Packs


If you are a Microsoft Partner and registered for SPLA then you can take advantage of SPLA on SPLA where you bring your own end user licensing and run it on our SPLA based operating systems. As a rule of thumb any product that is per socket or per core basic (e.g. Operating Systems / SQL Enterprise) must be provided by Hosted Network. For further details on SPLA on SPLA please speak to your licensing aggregator.

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