Checking and Decreasing IaaS resources

This article covers how you go about checking your resources within your "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS / vCloud) account, and how you decrease/un-allocate resources that you no longer need.

Checking what resources you currently have and what is in use

To start with you will need to navigate to the vCloud login page appropriate for the state your "Virtual Data Centers" (vDC) are located, below are links to the different login pages:

  • Sydney based vDC/s -<organisation_name>

  • Melbourne based vDC/s -<organisation_name>

  • Brisbane based vDC/s -<organisation_name>

  • Perth based vDC/s -<organisation_name>

NOTE: You will need to know your vCloud organisation name, if you don't know what your organisation name is you can contact Hosted Network support on "1300 781 148" or at

Once you are logged into vCloud you can check the amount of resources you have and what is in use by clicking on the icon with the 3 horizontal lines at the top of the screen, then click "Datacenters" from the dropdown.

On the page that opens it will show you all of your vDCs and the resources associated to them, the dials will show you how much of those resources you have in use at the moment

How do I decrease the amount of resources I have?

The first thing you would need to do is ensure the resources are not currently in use, you can do this by checking the resources as per the above.

If they are in use you will need to un-allocate them from VMs by powering them off and editing them, or by removing the storage from the VMs.

If you need assistance with removing these resources please don't hesitate to contact our support team who can assist you with this.

Hosted Network staff will not remove VMs on your behalf. If you request for resources to be removed please ensure they are free in the vCloud portal first.

When you are ready to decrease the amount of resources you have simply login to the Hosted Network Partner Portal (Link below)

Once logged in click on "Services & Orders", then from the drop-down click on "Services"

Once the Services page loads click on the vCloud service from the list that you want to remove the resources from

On the next page, click on "Modify Service"

Adjust the values to suite how much you wanted to decrease the resources by adjusting the values in under the title "Quantity". Once you are happy with the changes select "Click to Continue >>" at the bottom

Services within a contract can't have their quantity dropped below the contracted value. If you modify your service and increase the quantity above the contract baseline, you are able to modify that value and decrease the allocated resources.

Click Next to proceed

A new Modify order will be created, follow through the steps to complete your upgrade/downgrade process for the new resource allocation.

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