What is a vApp and how to create one?

What is a vApp?

In the vCloud Director platform a vApp is a logical grouping of one or more Virtual Machines that are deployed together and typically work together to provide a specific service or function.

When multiple VMs are within a single vApp you can manage the power state as a single entity, making it easy to power on, off and suspend all VMs at once. As well as making it easy to control the start-up order of the VMs if they need to come online in a specific order.

It also provides Admins with the ability to create isolated networks that are only available within the vApp itself, and any other VMs outside of the vApp cannot access this network.

How to create a vApp?

Step 1. Login to your vCloud Director management portal

Step 2. Click into the Virtual Datacenter you want to add the network to

Step 3. Click on 'vApps' on the left side of the page

Step 4. Click 'NEW' and from the dropdown menu select 'New vApp'

Step 5. Give the vApp a name and add any Virtual Machines needed then click 'Create'. Follow this guide on adding a VM to a vApp LINK

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