Converting a VM to a Template

In the vCloud Director interface you can convert a VM to a template and use it to deploy additional VMs, this is particularly useful if you have an SOE or a baseline you've configured in the VM and you want all additional VMs to be the exact same.

To do this follow the steps below:

Step 1. Login to the vCloud Director portal

Step 2. Select the Virtual Datacenter that contains the VM you want to convert to a template

Step 3. Find the Virtual Machine and click on 'Actions'

Step 4. In the dropdown menu select 'Create Template'

Step 5. Select the Catalog you want to add the template to, adjust the name if necessary and click 'OK'. If you haven't created a catalog to store these templates in follow this guide LINK

The system will now go through and create a template from the VM you've selected, and then when deploying new VMs you can select to deploy the VM using that template.

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