Accessing the VM console

The vCloud Director interface offers two ways to connect to the console of the VM to manage it without requiring a direct network connection to the VM itself.

The two ways to connect are:

  • Web Console, this launches a HTML5 console session to the VM

  • Remote Console, this launches the 'VMware Remote Console' which requires additional software to be installed to use

To access one of the two consoles follow the steps below:

Step 1. Login to the vCloud Director portal

Step 2. Select the Virtual Datacenter that has the VM you want to access the console of

Step 3. The portal should show the default view of all the Virtual Machines in the Virtual Datacenter, find the VM you want to access and click the 'Actions' button

Step 4. From the dropdown menu go to 'VM Console' and then select one of the two methods to open the VM console.

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