Connection loss when connecting to a VDI

The Horizon Client by default will redirect majority of devices to the VDI upon connection, but in some cases this can cause issues as it may redirect some USB based Ethernet Adapters and other built-in adapters that are detected as USB devices.

When the user connects to the VDI and it redirects these devices it causes the local machine to lose Internet access and subsequently lose connection to the VDI.

To get around this open the Horizon Client and login, and connect to your VDI. Before it disconnects click on 'USB Device >' at the top of the window and then deselect 'Automatically Connect at Startup'.

Then restart the Horizon Client and the issue should now be resolved. If the user wants the devices to be redirected still ensure that the Ethernet adapter is deselected from the dropdown menu and then re-enable the 'Automatically connect at startup' setting.

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